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Skin Care By Nancy

Nancy R. Gagliardo LCE, CMS


Providing Result Oriented Skin Care for All Ages


Have you been thinking about Permanent Makeup? Many people who have a very busy schedule or may have allergies to certain products find permanent makeup can be a good option. Areas that can be enhanced include eyebrows, eyeliner of the upper and lower lids and also eye shadow. You can enhance your lips with the application of lip liner, full lip color or a blended effect. These procedures will give you a more youthful appearance! Browse through my website and discover the many complimentary effects that can be achieved with the use of permanent cosmetics for today's active woman. Have the look you want all day everyday. Swim, play sports, shower, knowing that your makeup will always be in place the way you like it. Great for the busy person on the go that does not want to have to bother to reapply lipstick or eyeliner throughout the day. You won’t be able to eat it off, kiss it off or rub it off. Wake up with your brows perfectly in place. The art of micropigmentation has been used for centuries to enhance a persons natural features. It can appear soft and subtle or bold and dramatic. You choose your look. There are many lovely lip colors to choose from, from a soft blush to a bold red. You can choose full lip color or lip liner. Brows may be soft and powdery or implanted to simulate real hair strokes. Eyeliner can be thin and used as a lash enhancement or bold and sexy. A consultation will be scheduled to discuss all the details and review all the necessary forms. A 20% deposit will be necessary at the time of scheduling your appointment.

Who Benefits?

- Men and woman with thinning brows - Women with thin lips looking to make them appear larger - Busy working woman with little time to spare fussing with their makeup touchups throughout the day - Stay at home moms that would rather be playing with the kids than worrying how their makeup looks - Women that just want to look their best at all times without the hassle of having to check if their eyeliner is smeared or their lipstick has worn off.